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Central Virginia’s pure beauty is boasted in many areas; however, this grace is represented the most in it’s beautiful geography. One way to experience Virginia’s outdoors is to take a hike. For the hike, Bearfence Mountain was chosen, and more specifically, the rock scramble trail. After an hour long drive I arrived at Shenandoah National park and in front of the mountain. The 2.5 mile hike was short, however the last stretch of the hike was a rock scramble which featured a sizable drop off to one side. At the end of the trail there is a rock lookout where one can see for miles upon miles. DSC_1705 copy

Americans enjoy hiking so much because it evokes a sense of  triumph, the hiker has conquered the mountain and now is at the top. Furthermore, the peak promises rest, a beautiful view, and protection from getting hurt along a rugged trail. Which is similar to the American workforce; after one works hard and fights his way to the top there is a promise of prosperity, a better life, and security.

Since their inception in 1872, national parks’ popularity has been vast. National parks are prominent in America because they display it’s beauty. Americans love for it’s beauty is shown everywhere; for instance, the song “America, the Beautiful”. Is it literally said that “God shed His grace on thee”; and this song is celebrated for verbalizing this elegance.

Finally, the only way to end a good, American day would be to enjoy the one this that challenges apple pie in “Americanness”; the wonderful cheeseburger. Even better, to enjoy this cheeseburger in the company of your friends at a renowned local restaurant: Tip Top.

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  1. Patrick,
    This is a very good first post. I especially appreciated your use of links and the lovely pictures. Overall, I would like to see you dig deeper in your analysis. For example, why are national parks necessary? How does American consumption relate to the need to set aside land for the people? Additionally, you talk about the American desire to feel like a conquest has been achieved and that hiking is attached to that sensibility. You might also have talked about the history of the American naturalist and how the wilderness and getting away from civilization is rooted in the American frontier tradition. Overall, though, you did a very good job.

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