A Glimpse Into Huck Finn

In a brief glance one may think that Huckleberry Finn is a rudimentary character and nothing more. However, after analysis it can be found that Huck Finn presents a more intricate character with defining facets. However, his most important trait is his impartiality towards all. This can be found through close examination of Huck’s reactions towards the environment he is in, and the people he interacts with.

Throughout the first half of the novel Huck resides in multiple, distinct, areas. To begin, he lives with Widow Douglass. Finn absolutely detests living with her in the start of his residence there. He describes it as: “so lonesome I[Huck] wished I was dead”, “I did wish I had company”. The scenery also indicates how Finn feels: the leaves “rustled… ever so mournful”. A pervasive scene of death in the paragraph further suggests that Huck despises his situation: “I was dead… somebody that was dead… somebody that was going to die… a ghost”. Nevertheless, Huck abhors the Widow’s household. However, the later comes to like it. The “Widow’s ways” slowly grow on him, “they warn’t so raspy on me[Huck]. He later “could stand school” and “liked the new [ways]. This same structure reappears several times throughout the book. When Huck’s surroundings change he does not acclimate well in the beginning. However, he later comes to terms with his living arrangements and enjoys them. He encounters all walks of life: poverty, wealth, river life, hunter trapper life, etc. But not one area stands out to Huck, he has impartiality towards all which shows that he adapts easily and is happy anywhere.

The perpetual theme of impartialness also manifests itself in Huck’s treatment towards others that are close to him. Huck is not mean individual, he instead presents himself with the same conduct to all. An example is his relationship with Jim. Jim, a slave who was owned by Widow Douglass, receives as much respect as any other character in the book. Finn describes him as “smart”, “good”; Huck evens develops a strong friendship with Jim. But he also is as respectful towards Jim as to Buck, Widow Douglass, the Duke and the King, etc. This shows that he is unbiased of backgrounds and complies with everyone close to him.

Nevertheless, the defining feature of Huck is that he is unprejudiced, which is demonstrated in both his surroundings and his interactions with others. This general respect reveals that Huck represents a protagonist and an overall good person.

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