Singin’ in the Rain

Singin’ in the Rain was a fun watch and a great all around movie. A few scenes impressed me. Firstly, the tap dancing scene that spanned around 3 minutes was taken only in a few shots (3ish?)! I enjoyed how a cohesive image that flowed really well was created by making that decision. I also liked how grande they made the movie out to be. They portrayed the “Hollywood” life how we all would expect it to be but displaying the lavish parties, and the nice suits, etc. The camera movement, in the singing parts were particularly impressive. Like I said above a few of the singing parts were taken in extremely lengthy shots. Within these long (time) shots there was crabbing, tracking, zooming, etc. In these shots I noticed a diverse usage of shot types and movements all in 1 shot. I enjoyed that aspect probably the most.

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