Rififi Response

Firstly, this article was written in 1956 which is awesome. For the most part, Mr. Crowther hit the nail on the head. He wrote that “Mr. Dassun staged it like a ballet” and I believe this is a great way of putting the film into words. The 30 minute silent moment is well choreographed, beautiful, surprising, and tantalizing. Dassin leaves us with more anticipation every minute that passes.  I also enjoyed that he stated that we feel as if we “participate” in the heist, we are given an in depth close up look and the editing and script make us feel tense as well. For example, Crowther recognizes the time (clocks and watches) dynamic during the talk-less section of the movie. Nevertheless, I agree with him on that we are made to like the bad guys very much. As he wrote, the characters go across the spectrum, each having different qualities that we find appealing. It is difficult to not like at least 1 character as they are all very different. Anyways, this write up is pretty fitting and spot on; well done by Bosley Crowther.




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